Nurturing OUR Relationships.


The Lord has laid this topic heavy on my heart as of late.

First and Foremost-Am I nurturing my relationship with him? –Mathew 22:36-37

It is so easy to get caught up in the world. My entire life I have focused largely on my success, career goals, finances, etc. And at the end of the day I still feel like I haven’t accomplished all that I desired.

I have had to examine my heart and ask if MY desires, are GODS desires. Knowing God’s desires requires us to nurture our relationship with him. Spending time with Jesus is one of the most refreshing, comforting, sometimes life-changing moments our souls can have.

We can’t let our ambition for worldly success, cost us our relationship with Christ.

If you share this same struggle with me, let’s refresh today brothers and sisters. There is no greater time then this to regain focus on your relationship with Christ. Let’s choose to actively put down the phone, shut off the TV, clear our schedules and pursue intimate time with Jesus.

Second, Am I nurturing my relationships with those around me? –Matthew 22:38

Write a hand-written letter, schedule the coffee date, invite a friend to lunch, compliment the stranger in the grocery line, call a family member, check in on long lost friend. It is these things that create powerful relationships.

How beautiful a community would look like if we chose each other again over things! If we genuinely made time to love and serve one another, it would be incredible!

Who’s with me? Let’s focus on nurturing our relationships with Jesus and our community and see lives changed.

Loving you, whoever you are,



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