The man I am waiting for but in no rush to find.


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Waiting on a man..

That believes in Christ and lives like Christ. Someone I can sit at a coffee shop with all day and we don’t run out of conversation.  One who intellectually challenges me. A man that rather go hiking, running, or play catch then sit in front of a TV all day. One who holds my hand no matter who’s around. A guy whose family counts me among their own. Someone whose spontaneous and enjoys adventure. A man who let’s curiosity lead us to the unknown. One who likes to take strolls downtown. A gent who looks straight into your eyes when speaking with you. One who will stay up all night under the stars with bottles of wine in our hands trying to find the constellations.  A guy who will make me laugh till I cry. A man who is kind to strangers, this is a must. One who on a rainy day wants to go dance in it verse find the negative. A man who works hard towards his goals and dreams. Someone who is compassionate about life. A man who opens up my car door…often. One who only uses kind words. A guy who trust me, because I trust him. A gent who is non-judgemental and gives people second chances. A man who is romantic. Someone who loves to cook authentic cuisine. A man who wants to travel the world and all it’s beauty. A guy willing to try new things. A man who has awesome friends. One who in arguments does get angry but communicates. A man who realizes happiness doesn’t come from material things. Someone to just have fun and play with. A man who is supportive of all my passions because I will be of his. And last but not least, someone who is honest.

Simply put….I am just waiting on the man that I can share life with happily and call my best friend.

(And the best part is- I am in no rush. The single life is quite enjoyable.)

With all my love, Jordy.


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