The Treasure of Following your GUT

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Today like every other day- I forgot where I parked my car after work. (When you work in a mall this is a very easy thing to do.) So when I was about to walk out the entrance I “thought” I had came in I realized I had “actually” came in the entrance on the other side of the mall. Today was unusually chilly- so my first thought was to walk on the inside of the mall to the entrance where I had park, but something in my gut said “No, walk on the outside of the building today-you just might enjoy the fresh air.” So I continued out the wrong entrance to just walk around the mall to where my car was park.

Now before I get into my story- I want to rewind, to a goal I set for myself a few weeks ago. The goal was to start telling 4 women a day how beautiful they are.

So here we go- I walked out of the entrance and I saw an older African woman with several bags sitting on the bench outside of the mall. I thought to myself- I can’t wait to get up there and tell her I how beautiful I think she is. So I get close enough to her and say “Hello, just wanted to tell you I think you’re beautiful and to have a wonderful evening.” Right after that she replies with “Do you think you could take me downtown?” And despite every safety rule I know of- I still chose to believe in humanity and live my life like I knew Jesus would. So I then replied with “ Of course, I would love too.” We then started our hike across the mall parking lot with all of her bags. We first exchanged names, where we are from and how each others’ days were going. I found out she is from the Congo in Africa with the majority of her family still living there. So my curiosity then had to ask her how and why she came to America. I found out she met a man in the Embassy who was American. She married him moved to America and had four children with her husband. She then told me they had recently divorced and she would be heading home next month. She followed by asking me if had any babies or husband. I softly chuckled and responded with “ Well I definitely want to be married before I have any babies and to be honest I haven’t found right man yet-or maybe I’m just to picky-but I swear good men are far and few between.” She look over at me *held my face* and said “My dear wait for God, for He has made you beautiful on the outside but gorgeous on the inside and there will be a good man to find you.” Amazed by this beautiful moment I had found myself in, I was quiet for the rest of the drive to her house. When I pulled in the driveway- She prayed over me in her native tongue then said “God Bless my baby.” She had tears in her eyes as she thank me for the ride and I held her- gave her a huge kiss on the cheek and said “I am the thankful one. “

As I watched her go into her home, all I could think about was how I would have missed such a meaningful life moment had I not listened to my gut and walked on the inside of the mall. I am so grateful for this woman and for our crossroad. What a treasure I experience tonight.

Hebrews 13:2
Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels unaware.


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