Leaders, Lessons and Thanks.


Throughout the last few months I have thrown around much of my thoughts and attention into the valuable life lessons I have learned. When I think about those lessons, I find myself with such gratitude to those who have taught or shown me them. So cheers to the lessons I’ve learned and those who have inspired me.


Mother, Thank you for teaching me that no matter what trials the world my throw at you there is nothing an everlasting trust in the Lord and a motherly hold cannot fix.


Dad, Thank you for teaching me hard work, determination and persistence can take you straight to your dreams.


Brother, Thank you for teaching me the importance of having and open mind to grow your individual wisdom and creativity.


Heidi, Andrea, Tia, Krystle, Kaela, Taylor, Lauren, Maddy, Bailey, Ashley and Shelby thanks for teaching me that distance holds nothing over an authentic friendship.


Mandee  Sammi and Courtney, Thank you for teaching me that there are good people everywhere you move and to look forward to adventure and new things.


Jami, Thank you for teaching me how beautiful it can be to let a stranger into your life and build an everlasting friendship.


Laura, Thank you for teaching me how much a positive energy can change the world.


Indiana, Steven, Colt, Mark, DJ and Scott, Thanks for teaching me the importance of having guy friends to tell you you’re acting crazy, fight over sports and have a drink with to lighten up a day.


Marla/Brian and Joyce/Dennis, Thanks for teaching me that marriage STILL is the most beautiful covenant two people can make under God and it’s worth the wait.


Nathan, Jeremiah and Evan, Thank you for teaching me that you never end a conversation without joy,  to tell people you love them often and to live each minute like it is your last.


Bentley, Thanks for teaching your mother that a dog is one of the most precious gifts a human can own.


There are plenty of other important people and lessons I am missing.  Each and every person I have crossed in this life holds importance to my heart. And for that I would be here all evening. I hope you all know how grateful I am for your presence throughout my life. I can only pray to one day re-pay the world and others for as much as you all have done for me.


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