Don’t be me. Speak in love.


Trust me when I say-this is to date the most important blog I’ve ever wrote. So please take each word I write to heart, so that you may not experience or be the cause of the heartache I have felt.

As many of you know from past blogs-the last three years of my life haven’t been a piece of cake. It started off my loosing one of my dear friends, Evan Wheeler to suicide. Six months after Evan passed, the love of my life, Nathan Halouska died in a tragic motorcycle accident. Than last Valentines day, a childhood-friend Jeremiah Callahan lost his life to an awful vehicle accident.

I am telling you this because I was one of the last people to talk to both Evan and Jeremiah before the good Lord decided to bring them home. I will forever cherish the last moments I spent with both of these men. Giggles, laughter and hugs.

As for Nathan- I wish I could say the same. And this is where I want each of you who reads this to take my words and heartache to heart. Nathan and I were currently in disagreement with each other when he got into his motorcycle accident. The pain I have experienced for allowing the last conversation I had with Nathan to be an ugly one- is something I live with everyday. 

Everyone close to me knows how important is has become to me- to make sure my last words are always kind ones. I always thought I was invincible, until I had to learn a valuable lesson three times. Everyday, I witness people talk to each other in hateful ways and just walk away from one another. Why? The truth is, and it’s reality….you may never see that person again. So don’t just cut a loved one or friend-out of your life without at least an explanation and a kind word. I don’t look back and regret much- but not getting to speak kindness to a man I loved before he passed is something that saddens my soul daily. 

Always make amends. Always speak kindness. Let your words be a LIGHT.

Trust me on this one dear friends. 

With all my LOVE, 



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