Fresh Start. Positive Mind.


I would like to start off by saying -WOW, it’s been awhile. Between life and stress I have not found much time to blog often. Which happens to be a very sad aspect of my life- because it’s one of my many passions. Living a passionate life is of high importance to me. I have a bucket-list I plan on completing. I have family and friends that I try to stay connected with often. I have a boyfriend who I admire and enjoy every single journey we decide to go on together. But most of all, I am passionate about my savior, Jesus Christ. I feel my stress has kept me from not trusting him. (Yes, all my active readers know this is a constant battle for me) Overall, one word to describe my life over the last couple months would be CHANGE. I have moved a couple times, but have ended back up in Hastings due to my significant other. And for that reason alone I am happy to be back. I have started a job as Assistant Manager at the Buckle in Grand Island. I love the job because of my constant ability to communicate and help guests all day however the retail hours are taking a major toll on my health. Therefore, I have been applying for Monday-Friday jobs and ones in Hastings. ( please pray for me often on this) Well dear readers and friends-there’s a quick catch up on my life. I promise to be back on here more often. I hope all has been well in your lives!




One thought on “Fresh Start. Positive Mind.

  1. Yes its been awhile since you have posted. I look forward to reading everyone. I’m glad everything is well Jordan 🙂 take care


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