Reflecting, Reflecting, Reflecting

I am a girl who has had more heartache and trials that I thought I could bare but somewhere throughout every down I have chosen to have wings.

And tonight I would just like to speak on my cup of love. Yes, I had a high school sweetheart, yes I have had a rebound, and yes I have found true love. Since loosing my true love this June- I have felt hopeless on ever finding someone like him again. That has been my only focus. And the truth is, I haven’t been happy. I keep searching for the next Nathan and he is nowhere to be seen. So here are my confessions and a heart of transparency.

I just recently went on a trip to feel free, find an oasis and feel loved. To be honest it was a huge disappointment and heartache. So on the long drive home- I did some thinking and talking to dear Lord. I have had this all wrong. So from here on out I choose to be me. I will be happy, I will find peace, I will be content and I will love myself again.  Now that’s what truly makes a girl beautiful.  I want to be an inspiration to all the women out there searching for love. Be you first, join me ladies. I now know God’s hand of having Nathan in my life was to remind me that not all guys are the same. So I promise from this day forward to quit searching, and trust in Christ. His plan is gorgeous and I am a work in progress-and I am growing. That is all part of being a human right? So tonight on my deck writing through my heart I say let’s live out our lives enjoying each and every moment-not worrying about the next.

Looking back, I have had a life full of love. I take none of my intimate moments for granted, they are all-important and I am so blessed to have had each and every one of you.

Logging off tonight with a happy heart. Xo -Jordy


One thought on “Reflecting, Reflecting, Reflecting

  1. Jordan everytime I get an email notification sent to my phone from your blog I stop everything I’m doing and read. You never fail to amaze me with your scriptures because you yourself are amazing and that’s I love about you. Well said once again and I miss you a ton 🙂


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