“Fall” into being active

Alright readers…. It’s time to be motivated!

Tis’ the season for eating goodies and getting cozy on the couch? Of course.

HOWEVER, only in moderation my dear friends. Please to not let your active lifestyles during fall become stagnant. Here are some tips to help keep the pounds off in upcoming season!

  1. Put on the earmuffs and gloves and go out for a jog. (Your senses will be pleased. Crisp air, leaves crunching, a beautiful color scheme, etc.)
  2. 1 cookie is okay, not 3.
  3. Weigh yourself once a week-this helps keep yourself accountable.
  4. Buy an exercise ball. (During your favorite show-do some abs)
  5. Wii fit, Zumba or Just Dance is perfect for when it’s a little too chilly outside!
  6. Stick to veggies and nuts for fast snacks.
  7. Rake the leaves (major calorie burner)
  8. Find a gym and sign up for a group workout class. (After one time of going and realizing everyone else in there is struggling- you might find you enjoy it)
  9. Light soups! These can be a great weight loss tool.
  10.  Avoid the egg nog.
  11.   Clean out the clutter in your house! (No need to wait for spring cleaning!)
  12. Stay positive and well….JUST DO IT.

Don’t let spring sneak up on you and regret being sedentary the last few months! I know it can be hard, but if it becomes a habit-soon you won’t even notice! Let’s be committed to pursuing healthy bodies this fall!


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