No Excuses

Here is the deal my sweet friends. No excuses.

Our bodies need us to believe in this motto! Too many of us, including myself put off working out for a number of “excuses.”

1. Your too tired. Do it anyway.

2. Your sore. Do it anyway.

3. I hate healthy today so I can skip. Do it anyway.

4. I don’t have time. Find time.

The benefits:

1. Improves mood. We all could use this.

2. Combats chronic disease.

3. Boost energy level.

4. Promote better sleep.

5. Clarity to your thoughts.

6. Sweating-removes toxins.

7. Stress relief.

8. Self confidence.

9. Believe it or not enjoyment.

10. The satisfaction of finishing a tough workout.

When we look at it, the benefits far out weigh our excuses. So as a team, Let’s be committed to a “no excuses” motto!

All for love and health,



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