The Ducks are laughing at me.

The last two mornings I have gotten up early to run. Both mornings I made my way over to Heartwell park, a wonderful park surrounded by beautiful homes with a gorgeous pond/stream that runs through it.

As I am jogging around the park, I decide to go stretch on the bridge hovering the water to take some time and pray. As I am meditating on the bridge, the ducks start to surround me below on the water. So, I sit silent and take in this beautiful interaction.

BUT, then I start to depict the ducks quacking as a laughter. In the still of the misty morning, here I am sitting on a bridge surrounded by ducks and they surely are laughing at me. So I meditate now….but what I begin to have is a revelation. The ducks should be laughing at me. For here I am so distressed with life, worrying about this and that but for what? REALLY, FOR WHAT PEOPLE?  Where does worrying get anyone? I can answer this-nothing besides anxiety.

So here I am with the ducks sitting.

These ducks know life is but a snapshot. We are here today and gone the next. Our life doesn’t even amount to a grain of sand on all the beaches compared to Eternity. The ducks can find their soul at rest and blessed assurance for they see this. So I want to be a duck. I want to be content with life because I have completely choose to step unto the water and trust in Jesus. Because this life of mine…is a vapor in the ocean.

I’ll leave you here with this thought:

“Love the animals; God has given them the rudiments of thought and joy untroubled.”


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